Lesson 1: working with cluster

(1) Build a java.opts file under the matlab start directory which can be found in matlab console using pwd command
the file just contains one line
try to search the matlab pid using the following command:
ps -aux |less | grep matlab
ps -ef |less | grep matlab
find the process run by particular use
ps -u hongboz
or just use
Get infor about threads
# ps -eLf
# ps axms
even simpler one
pgrep MATLAB
In Matlab, there are three commands used to find the available memory (also the general java commands)
Three commands are useful!
Jconsole pid,  jmat, and jhat
(4) putty can time out after a while how to reset it?
unset TMOUT
or another way
or simply follows this
it is called putty keep alive

About Hongbo Zhang

My name is Hongbo Zhang. I am a visioner. I am also a practitioner.
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